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Letter: Here’s hoping that von Bismarck’s proven wrong


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As we watched the memorials for our fallen service men that took part on D-Day to defeat Hitler in World War II, I wonder how many Americans, particularly young Americans (and young congressmen), have any concept of the ideologies involved.

Hitler fought under the Democratic Socialists (Nazism). Once Hitler was defeated, the Roosevelt administration acquiesced to the demands of Stalin, placing all of Eastern Europe under the control of the Soviet Socialists, who ruled for the next half century.

Both of those socialist movements were tyrannical failures and caused the slaughter of tens of millions of lives.

Today, the vast majority of Americans under the age of 35 probably have no concept of what it was all about, for our liberal education system has left our citizens intellectually challenged, deficient in history and lacking an understanding of the consequences of various forms of government.

The citizens of Germany and Russia (USSR) were fed a continuous cornucopia of government giveaways without their understanding the accompanying loss of freedom, control and self-respect.

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We currently have millions of uneducated, unskilled people crossing our borders, yet one party says that is no crisis. This begs the question, why? The answer is not complex. Its ultimate purpose is to bring these people into the fold of the giveaway socialist ideology. Our Congress is doing nothing to correct the problem, and many politicians are obstructing the president in any attempt he makes to correct it.

Our congressional inaction is reminiscent of the saying that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. We know he didn’t fiddle (because the violin wasn’t invented yet), but he did blame the fire on the Christians. That appears to be a parallel with the Democrat party today. In the late 19th century Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, an idol of Hitler, said, “What we learn from history is that no one learns from history.” Let’s hope we have an exception to that today.

Dick Bartlett

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