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Letter: City will plant some grass, call it a day


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The city has begun demolition of the historically significant Cahoon Pool. I suppose the city would like to get rid of the old pool before the opening of the new aquatic center. This way the public is less aware of the fact the new pool is half the size of the old Cahoon Pool. Get rid of the evidence so to speak, “out of sight, out of mind.”

I was a strong proponent of renovation of the existing historic pool to preserve a valuable historic resource. However, the city instead decided to spend tens of millions of dollars to build a new aquatic center.

Once the city decided to build a new pool it was my understanding that they would consider “adaptive reuse” proposals for the historic and valuable old pool structure and the preservation of the pool “footprint.” Instead they have brought in the excavators.

There are many ways the pool could be reused to provide unique features and attractions at a competitive cost to demolition. My favorite idea concept would be to fill the pool leaving the pool rim in place at bench height and paving the surface. A large “dancing” water jet fountain could be provided. The fountain could be illuminated at night, it would have no standing water and require minimal maintenance. It would be a great place for children to play and adults to relax. It could become a city landmark and attraction like similar fountains in Boston or Las Vegas.

Other ideas could include a fish pond or reflecting pool, an expanded sunken garden, an outdoor theatre for concerts or evening movies, a winter ice rink, etc.. Instead the city has decided to spend their money on demolition. Plant some grass, add a few trees and call it a day. People will soon forget what once was there.

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Donald Daugherty

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