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Letter: Demonizing southeast New Mexico


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Everyone in New Mexico knows that the southeast corner of the state is the economic backbone of our state. Without the revenue generated by several primary industries located here, the state would absolutely be worst than a third world non-developing country. And yet, residents within the state have the gall to demonize it’s source of prosperity: Oil and gas, nuclear and yes, the dairy farms. All three of those industrial industries bring in billions of dollars to the local economies, thousands of good paying jobs and billions in tax revenues to support our state educational and social support systems for all to benefit.

The Albuquerque Journal printed a recent opinion hit piece against Southeast New Mexico’s O&G and nuclear industry with serious allegations of misinformation. The author is definitely anti-industry and must think that the state can run on just the gas and hot air that comes out of our Santa Fe politicians, which is more then the 332,000 cows of our dairy industry. The opinion piece had so many errors, errors that were perpetuated from prior debunked and misguided opinion hit pieces. The internet has a cascade of unwarranted, fear-mongering misinformation about O&G fracking and nuclear radiation.

The New Mexico O&G Association spends millions of dollars on information marketing to educate the public about the industry as it is functioning here in New Mexico. One little unknown fact about hydraulic fracturing is: The process was first used by the oil and gas industry in 1947, the same year the aliens crashed landed north of Roswell. Scary!

One of the fears by anti-fossil lobby groups is that it causes small earthquakes. Extraction of oil and gas does alter the pressures below ground level but so does extraction of water for farm irrigation.

The author was not able to discredit the innovative technology used by O&G and nuclear. Instead, the author attempted to discredit the various oil companies and Holtec International. The dairy industry got a ‘pass’ in this hit piece. The author choose not to attack dairy or is not aware of the anti-industrial farm lobby and their attempts to discredit our dairy farms’ humane treatment practices.

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Martin Kral

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