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Letter: When it comes to refugees, WWJD?


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I am so ashamed of our county commissioners! That makes me ashamed of all of us in Chaves County, because they supposedly represent us. They emphatically do not represent me.

Why am I ashamed of them?

(They) just voted to refuse aid and comfort to fellow human beings. I ask you, “What would Jesus do?”

Refugees coming to the United States from Guatemala, San Salvador, etc. are doing so in desperation. Their home countries, partly due to U.S. policies, have become violent and poverty-stricken. These people have endured great hardship to walk thousands of miles to a place they think of as a safe haven, only to be refused water, food, shelter and compassion.

I am ashamed that we are the ones doing this to people in great need.

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Flo Wells

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