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Make a space craft out of recycled materials on Friday


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For this Wednesday’s Afternoon Activities at 3:30 p.m., kids will get to build and play with all sorts of Legos. On Thursday, the library will be closed for Independence Day, so there will be no special performances this week.

For this week’s Friday Fun craft at 10 a.m., children will be making a CD Spacecraft out of recycled materials. Tuesday’s Tween Craft at 2:30 p.m. for the 10-, 11- and 12-year-olds will be making Galaxy T-shirts (tweens will need to bring in their own shirts to participate in this activity).

On Saturday, July 6 at 2 p.m., author John Mark Tucker will be visiting to speak about his newest book, “Mesa Park: Welcome Back to Roswell.” The book’s protagonist David Cavendale is returning to his hometown of Roswell for his 20th high school reunion. Hours after David lands in his hometown, chaos finds both him and everyone around him. Strange occurrences are happening all over town that no one can explain. Or is it that no one wants to explain? Something or someone has returned to wreak havoc on Roswell’s innocent residents.

You’ll be able to purchase the book after the program and have it signed. This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library and free to attend. For more information, you can call 575-622-7101 and like us on Facebook.

Book Talk by Amanda Davis, Reference Librarian

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The UFO Festival has a multitude of speakers visiting this year and if you’re looking to read some of their books ahead of time, the Roswell Public Library has several that you can check out.

“The Roswell Incident: An Eyewitness Account” by Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt puts the events of the UFO crash out at Corona and what came after into an easily digestible read. The research is excellent with first-hand accounts transcribed and photos and drawings included, as well. There are two appendixes, a glossary, index and a list of materials that have been cited and are suggested for further reading. Anyone who’s confused about the Roswell Incident or completely new to it is recommended to check this book out and you’ll easily be caught up on all the key players and events. Both of these authors will be speaking at the festival this year.

Retired Army Lt. Col. Kevin Randle has also written a book to try to make the ins and outs of the Roswell Incident easier to understand. His book “The Roswell Encyclopedia” breaks down the different locations, people and other possibly unknown terms like “Majestic 12” and “Project Mogul” in brief and not-so-brief entries. If you’re uninterested in reading a full narrative and just want a quick way to look up some of the unfamiliar names and terms thrown around, this book will make it much easier to just fill in the gaps and get a quick grasp of the information.

Although not speaking this year, Chuck Zukowski’s adventures in “The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway” by Ben Mezrich offers an interesting take on the events of Roswell. Passionate about UFOs from a young age, as an adult, he tries to juggle family and work life with an eagerness to investigate UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, abductions and anything else unexplained. His sister happily joins in and the two spend weekends investigating the paranormal, including Dulce Canyon and the Skinwalker Ranch. Through his skeptical yet thorough research, he begins to see a pattern that falls along the 37th circle of latitude across the United States. This book can be found in the Children’s Fiction section of the library.

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