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Horror meets UFOs

Celebrity guest and YouTube sensation “Mr. Creepy Pasta” is ready for his fans at Galacticon. The iconic star has a following of 1,486,020 subscribers to his channel, where he podcasts horror stories. (Christina Stock Photo)

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YouTube sensation Mr. Creepy Pasta at this year’s Galacticon

Mr. Creepy Pasta keeps the mystery alive behind his mask and goggles. He is one of the celebrity guests at Galacticon in the Roswell Convention and Civic Center, which continues today and Sunday. The horror story-telling Mr. Creepy Pasta opened up to the Roswell Daily Record about his past and how he became a YouTube sensation with more than one million subscribers.

This cosplayer was one of the first at the opening of Friday’s Galacticon at its new location in the Roswell Convention & Civic Center. It was hard to understand the cosplayer, but she seemed to say that she enjoyed the coolness of Galacticon. (Christina Stock Photo)

“I started eight years ago,” Mr. Creepy Pasta said. “It was something that I fell into in college. It wasn’t a big idea, I just thought it would be something fun to do with friends. I went to UTSA, University of Texas San Antonio. I was one year away from graduating.

“YouTube was very different back then, there were not YouTube stars,” Mr. Creepy Pasta said. “I didn’t think somebody would actually watch it. But people started commenting, so I thought, I guess I’ll do it for the people who enjoy it. Eventually it took off, and I got an offer from one of the partners of YouTube. I just graduated from college at that point.”

Mr. Creepy Pasta’s parents wanted him to work at a telecommunications company, but he said he wanted to try YouTube.

Vendors, cosplayers and visitors flocked to this year’s Galacticon, at its new location in the Roswell Convention & Civic Center. Galacticon opened Friday and continues until Sunday. The booth pictured with hats and steampunk accessories belongs to Katrina Boyd and her daughter Haleigh. Boyd said that the genre of steampunk was made for them. “It is all about repurposing and recycling. … We are ‘re-purposer,” she said. “And, it’s vintage — it’s cool.”
“It really feels like a ‘con,’” Peter Powell said about the new location. “You can even hear the background rumble, which is so typical for a con. Powell is part of the Pecos Valley Steam Society and, together with his wife Christine Powell, they have a booth at Galacticon. (Christina Stock Photo)

“It was kind a shock for mom and dad,” he said. “They think it’s good now, just now and then Dad gives me these job offers, but I say ‘no, I am OK doing this.’” Mr. Creepy Pasta said that his parents now support him fully. His mom collects his posters, but doesn’t want to hear or see his show — because, she told him, they are too scary.

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“A lot of my stuff is more for mature viewers,” Mr. Creepy Pasta said. He was surprised that teenagers and kids liked his stories because his shows have no visuals.

“When I started, I wanted to do it in the 1940s radio style. I am glad the kids like it, but I didn’t expect it. One told me that he liked me since age 12. I didn’t think it would hold your attention at age 12,” Mr. Creepy Pasta said.

“During the conventions I meet teachers and they tell me, you got kids actually writing and reading, because they want to write their stories about monsters and that,” Mr. Creepy Pasta said. “In a lot of cases horror is a bit taboo, you don’t want kids exposed to horror (genre) — horror is sort of an adult topic. But when you are a teenager, you want to be involved in the adult stuff too. You don’t want to be told you’re a kid. Also, I like to say, the channel is a pretty safe place for kids to be. It’s not that I am trying to make people believe that it’s real. This is fiction, these are just stories. We’re here to hear a good story. I like to believe that is how everybody sees it.”

Asked if this is his first time visiting Roswell, Mr. Creepy Pasta said, “Well, we drove through Roswell coming back from California, I really wanted to see Roswell. We drove through at 3:30 a.m. There is really nothing to do, we drove past the UFO Museum and kept going, but we were at the UFO McDonald’s.”

When he arrived for the con, Mr. Creepy Pasta wasn’t aware of the UFO Festival taking place at the same time. He said that he hopes to see some part of it. “After I finish my panel, I am going to sneak away and see what that’s like,” he said. “I am just super into this, UFO sightings and cryptic stuff — that is my kind of thing. When this convention came up, it didn’t matter when it is, I just wanted to come to Roswell.”

For more information, visit youtube.com/user/MrCreepyPasta or roswellfilmcon.com.

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