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She’s a devil in disguise

Jessi Arntz in her “Devil” cyberpunk live action role playing costume. Arntz returns to Galacticon for the fifth year as celebrity guest. (Christina Stock Photo)

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Award-winning cosplayer Jessi Arntz a celebrity guest at Galacticon

Costume designer and award-winning cosplayer Jessi Arntz arrived from San Antonio, Texas to attend the Galacticon at its new location in the Roswell Convention & Civic Center.

“I’ve been coming here for five years now,” Arntz said. Peter and Christine (Powell of the Pecos Valley Steampunk Society) brought me in here really early and I always enjoy it. I come back ever since. I can’t miss it. It is one of my highlights of the year, it’s like a fun-con (convention) where I usually get to do a lot of fun panels.”

On Galacticon’s opening day, Arntz wore her newest costume, “Devil.”

It is not actually a devil, she said, but a costume from a cyberpunk live action role play (LARP) she attended — her costume represented the tarot card “Devil.”

“It means to face your inner devil, vices,” she said. Her character was a drug dealer for cyber implants that would give out narcotics. As “devil” she would try to find out what weaknesses other players had.

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Asked how she liked the new location for Galacticon, Arntz said, “It’s amazing. It actually brings a lot of potential growth to the convention, that’s exciting. I can’t wait to get some people in here because the atmosphere comes from the people. When they come in and see all the signage and the building it will feel so much more like a convention than it was in the mall.

“It is going to be a good show, plus being so close to the alien fest, it is going to draw a lot of people in from the festival,” Arntz said. “It’s wonderful that it’s walking distance.”

Arntz said that she had a convention last weekend in Dallas, Texas, where the venue required walking outdoors. “It was 106 degrees and it was a new venue,” she said. “It’s so much dryer here, it’s so nice. It’s much more humid over there, which makes it miserable.”

Asked about her planned workshops, Arntz said, “Well, this year they brought me in for a foam weapon shop, which is something I really like doing. I am going to cover some buffer weapons, which are weapons you can hit your friends with without hurting them for LARPing, and we’ll cover prop weapons and how to build them, install lighting in them and all that stuff.”

One of the benefits of cons and cosplaying is that one is never too young or to old to participate. “Enjoy yourself,” Arntz said. “It is a great, really judgement-free zone. Usually it’s a place everybody can come and be themselves and be in costume, in character.

“That’s what I love about conventions, it’s like a big family where everybody can get along and you come every year and have the same people. It’s just one of those family reunion opportunities to see everybody once a year.”

Arntz was in the Fan Expo Master of Cosplay International Competition last year, competing in the Dallas central qualifier and then being flown to Canada to compete.

Galacticon and the SciFi Film Fest continue through tomorrow.

For more information about Galacticon, visit roswellfilmcon.com — for the schedule of the entire UFO Festival, Galacticon and Sci-Fi Film Fest, visit rdrnews.com/special-publications. Times are subject to change, however — for updates, visit the events’ Facebook pages.

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