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UFO Festival speaker alleges Marilyn Monroe’s death was alien cover-up

Donald Burleson, author and New Mexico State director of the Mutual UFO Network, stands before an audience at the International UFO Museum and Research Center Friday, as he talks about evidence, which he said proves that Marilyn Monroe was murdered by government officials who wanted to keep her from disclosing classified information about the existence of UFOs and alien life forms. (Alex Ross Photo)

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Hollywood, a high-level government conspiracy, political power and UFOs were all at the center of a presentation by a writer who claims Marilyn Monroe’s death was part of a cover-up to keep classified information about the existence from UFOs from being made public.

People were packed into a room at the International UFO Museum & Research Center Friday, for the hour-long presentation by Donald Burleson, a writer and New Mexico state director of the Mutual UFO Network. He said Monroe’s death and what he claims as a cover-up is a national disgrace.

“Some of the ranchers around here like to say the more you stir it, the more it stinks, and it is a very apt description,” he said to the audience about Monroe’s death.

Monroe was 36 years old when she was found dead in 1962 at her Brentwood estate. The official cause of death was ruled a probable suicide after swallowing barbiturates.

Burleson though argues Monroe was murdered and that Robert Kennedy — U.S. attorney general at the time of Monroe’s death and brother to President John F. Kennedy — had something to do with it.

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He even claims that Robert Kennedy was in the room with Monroe when she died. He cites accounts from Monroe’s maid and handyman and neighbors who said they saw Robert Kennedy enter Monroe’s house, including once the night she died, accompanied by two men, one of which had a black bag, similar to the kind a doctor would carry when making a house call.

He disputes the claim Monroe died from an overdose of pills and believes she was killed by lethal injection. Burleson claimed the investigators found no fingerprints at all in Monroe’s house, not even her own and that Monroe needed a large glass of water to swallow any pills and that the water was turned off in the bathroom sink of the guest house she was supposedly in at the time.

Burleson at the presentation showed a copy of the toxicology report on Monroe’s death, which he said showed that she ingested about 50 to 90 pills worth of barbiturates, an abnormally large amount.

Supposed wiretaps from Monroe’s home and sightings of Robert Kennedy at Monroe’s estate on the last day of her life — including one where he showed up with two mysterious men — were also cited by Burleson to back up his claim.

He said the medical examiner signed Monroe’s death certificate because he was threatened if he did not. However, determining that Monroe was not murdered is only part of the mystery.

“It is basically easy to prove that Marilyn Monroe did not commit suicide, what is trickier is to prove why they killed her,” Burleson said.

Monroe was believed to have had extramarital affairs with both John and Robert Kennedy in what would be the last years of her life. Theories have swirled that Monroe was murdered by the Kennedys to keep those affairs from being made public or to keep their wives from finding out.

Burleson though said John and Robert Kennedy’s affairs with Monroe were already known, especially by their wives, and that they murdered Monroe for a different reason.

“And what it all comes down to is she had classified information imparted to her, which she probably didn’t even ask for it — and it was appointed to her illegally,” he said.

Burleson theorizes it was John Kennedy who divulged the information illegally to Monroe that could have included information about the existence of UFOs and alien life forms. Disclosing classified information is a serious crime and Burleson said if that was to become known, Kennedy could have faced criminal charges.

Other government officials likely also wanted to keep Monroe quiet because revealing that Kennedy had disclosed classified information to her would reveal secrets they did not want to be made public.

Burleson said that in the final days of her life, Monroe had felt so disgusted by the Kennedys, that she was telling close friends that she wanted to hold a national press conference where she would “tell all” about the Kennedys.

Burleson cites one document of routing information that a detective agency claimed to have obtained from the National Security Council, which had Monroe’s name, and in the subject line of the document, it said “Project Moondust.”

Moondust was the name of a project aimed at collecting space debris. Also on the bottom of the routing data was MJ-12, the name of the agency that President Harry S. Truman had put together to look into UFO-related matters, Burleson said.

He also pointed to a wiretapped conversation between journalist Dorothy Kilgallen and a close friend, where they discussed a conversation one of them had with Monroe and that she had a few secrets to tell.

One such secret, Kilgallen said, was about a secret visit John Kennedy had made to an airbase with the purpose of inspecting materials from outer space, and that such a disclosure would be an embarrassment for John Kennedy’s efforts to place a man on the moon.

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