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Letter: ‘Illegal immigrants’ should be arrested, deported


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In response to Flo Wells’ letter July 3.

Mrs. Wells, we don’t owe other countries, or their citizens, a thing. What the United States provides to other countries is charity, not a right.

The people who are sending the travelers to our country in caravans, enemies of our country, don’t care about those people; they are seeking to destroy our way of life. Liberals always say “What would Jesus do” when they try to get sympathy from others, but you all are the reasons we can’t pray in schools. No one is saying immigrants are not welcome here, what we are saying is, “We have laws that need to be followed.” Our borders are being overrun with these criminals and the Customs and Border Patrol people are doing the best they can with the limited recourses they have.

Chaves County Commissioners need to follow the law as well. Any illegal immigrants who appear in Chaves County should be arrested and deported, while being treated humanely.

Don Determan

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