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Letter: Democrats should discourage illegal immigration


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ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) began rounding up the first of a million illegal aliens who’ve had their day in court and are cleared for deportation. For years, the fake news media of the Democrat Party has said there’s 11 million illegal aliens in our country. The actual number is likely much higher. One hundred thousand illegal aliens cross our southern border each month.

Democrats are “protesting” their removal. One armed nutjob, throwing bombs at a Tacoma, Washington jail where criminal aliens are held, was killed by police. In Aurora, Colorado, a huge mob of protesters took down our flag and raised the Mexican flag at an ICE facility.

Many illegal aliens say they’re seeking asylum, and most are released before their claims can be heard because they can only be detained for 20 days. Most never show up for their hearing. Almost all asylum claims are bogus. Escaping poverty and wanting a better life are good reasons for coming here, but they’re not reasons for seeking asylum. Illegal aliens must prove they’ll be harmed if they’re returned to their home countries.

President Trump stemmed the surge of illegal aliens by 28 percent because he threatened to raise tariffs on Mexican goods. Nancy Pelosi, a leader of the Democrat Party and third in line to succeed him, is advising illegal aliens how to avoid deportation.

Congress can close the asylum loophole by requiring illegal aliens to apply for asylum in their home countries or in any country they traverse. They can also permit ICE to hold illegal aliens for 40 days, which is enough time to adjudicate asylum claims.

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Today, terrorists wanting to harm us can get into our country by seeking asylum. If Democrats have a heart and an ounce of common sense, they’ll protect us and reduce the number of deaths at our border by discouraging illegal immigration.

Democrats can continue to be part of the problem or join Republicans and be part of the solution.

Respectfully your knuckle-dragging, Bible banging, flag waving neighbor.

Ralph Rivera

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