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Letter: The search for truth does not come easily


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Having watched politics for over 60 years, I see new criteria for being elected to government office that can be best defined as diversity politics. No longer are intelligence, knowledge, experience and understanding of government the factors for obtaining government positions. These factors have been replaced by identity, that is, what minority, ethnic group or social status from which one comes.

Status is defined by what you are, not on your capabilities. This status is further enhanced if you can claim multiple minority classes. This is best seen in the so-called squad of four which can lay claim to both the minority of color and feminism. Once in position this squad (or cell if you prefer) carries a number of weapons: the quiver of diversity, the arrows of bigotry and the shield of misogyny.

Now you may say this is unfair, that these individuals are college graduates. To that end I would say academia has succumbed to the same infection. Entering most of the highly touted universities is often based on being one of three categories: being super rich (like Hollywood’s children), prominent politicians’ children or belonging to a minority group. Believing that graduating from these schools is any less infected or controlled by these factors is naïve. University completion is not necessarily synonymous with education — in fact it may be more closely related to indoctrination and being in agreement with a liberal professor.

The lamp of history and wisdom shines lightly for this generation of politicians which has only been acerbated by the majority of professors who have further lowered the wick in the lamp.

So to what end are they driving? It is predominantly big government driven by emotion rather than the rule of law or common sense. It is government control versus individual freedom to choose, it is emotionalism rather than logic and it is abandoning the constitution for situational ethics. The lamp is flickering and could go out as it did in Russia unless we start shedding light on the truth. The search for truth does not come easily — it requires diligence, time, effort and avoidance of succumbing to false narratives.

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William Dawe

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