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Music: Long live the king

Submitted Photo Rapper Lxrd Melchior's new album to be released in August.

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New Mexico rapper Lxrd Melchior releases new album

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

Lxrd Melchior — who is also known as King Bentley — is a local, blind rapper who writes, produces and records his music in New Mexico.

Listening to his song “Found A Way” from 2018, it is quite obvious that this musician has a message. His songs are infused with hope and reaching for something better.

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“I am looking to motivate anyone who feels like the underdog and is treated that way to meet their goals,” Melchior said. “I, myself, have been considered the underdog, and I am working toward my dreams. I want everyone to have big dreams and do what they can to work toward them.”

His struggle to create and to reach a higher goal echoes in his words, such as “Just because I live in darkness doesn’t mean that is my purpose.”

His previous songs are contemporary rap and hip-hop style songs, enhanced by electronic vocals.

His new album, X Ascension X, will be released in August and the songs are much darker. Melchior’s strong voice is melodic in itself, and he doesn’t use slang, but rather clear understandable words, which makes the lingo cut like a razor blade.

With the words, “Face your demons,” the first song of the new album, “Next Level,” ends. The language in the song is harsher than before and not appropriate for younger listeners or those sensitive to cursing.

The songs are reflecting struggles in life and relationships. Outstanding in the quality, and what should catch the attention of rap fans is the song, “Perfect Sickness,” which is about the circle — the artist calls “dance” — of a dying relationship. “Why not give it your all,” is the cry for help, for saving the love between a young man and woman. “I hate you, I love you. I am nothing without you.” This message is reflected in a melodic part and the harsher rap style — the female and the male.

Melchior draws from his traumatic upbringing. He said that throughout the early years of life, he was bounced around from foster home to foster home. When he was 3 years old, he was finally accepted into a family who turned out to be monsters. His childhood was really nothing but pain, he said, and in the pain, he found solace, and that solace was music. His passion for music was born from a love of philosophy; “From the bad, comes the good.” This is what he lives by.

Even after losing his vision due to the abuse he endured, he never lost his perception. Now his passion for music allows him to share his experiences to inspire those who listen. “Dream big, become a big dream,” is his goal and his message.

Melchior said that it all started for him when he was 7 years old. He started scribbling lyrics down on paper. Throughout middle and high school, he perfected his craft by writing and re-mixing songs; his peers were his test group. Yearning for more knowledge and understanding in music after graduating, he set out to Albuquerque to establish his career in music, and that’s exactly what he did after linking up with Hip-Hop Producer DR Beats, now known as Sinister Symphony.

After Melchior found his sound, he hit the stage performing with some major names such as Rappin’ 4tay, Brown Boy, Lil’ Flip, Cory Gunz, Young L.A., Moosh & Twist, and most recently Bryce Vine. He continued his skyward ascent after receiving a co-sign from multi-platinum hip-hop artist Kodak Black, for the demo release of his single, “Found a Way,” featuring Famous Freysh. What is the next step after the release of his new album? Melchior said that the sky’s the limit.

Melchior is represented by White Crown Entertainment LLC out of Rio Rancho.

For more information, visit Melchior’s social media sites, @LxrdMelchior on Facebook, @MotivesOfAKing on Twitter, @King Bentley on Snapchat and on audiomack.com @Lxrdmelchior.


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