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Dominic Chavez moves to next stage of recovery


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It is amazing what the human body, mind and spirit can endure. Each person processes stress and relief in different ways. One of the biggest lessons in life is how to continue life after an unexpected setback. Young Dominic Chavez can teach a master’s course on how to make lemonade out of lemons. He has proven to be an inspiration to his family, friends, teammates and the world.

On Saturday, Dominic’s father, Robert Chavez, provided his third update after Dominic’s spinal cord injury to RDR Sports: “The next phase of Dominic’s journey began this week. We met with the liaison from Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado on Monday and by Thursday, the next chapter of our journey had begun. On Thursday, we were picked up at 8 a.m. That was smooth and Dom did great! We made it to Craig Hospital by 10:45 a.m. Then we had an intake exam, imaging, respiratory therapy, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pulmonology and he met with more doctors, had more measurements and had a couple of visits from therapy dogs and more.

“On Friday it was more measurements, education, tours of the gyms,” Robert Chavez continued. “Dom is ready to get in there and work. It’s been extremely busy, but very awesome. Dominic looks amazing, his breathing is doing so much better, it’s a relief. The Craig staff have been phenomenal and I know we’re in the right place.”

To recap: On July 3, Goddard football player Dominic Chavez was injured during football practice. His injury was so severe it sent his parents, along with Roswell and Chaves County, into a prayerful vigil for his recovery.

The Chavez family issued the following statement after the accident happened: “On July 3, our son, Dominic Chavez, accidentally injured his neck during a drill at football practice. Dom broke C5 and there was a displacement of the C5/C6 vertebrae with spinal cord involvement. He had no feeling from his chest to his lower body and was unable to move his legs … We were flown to UMC El Paso, Texas where they rushed him into emergency surgery to fix the vertebrae and relieve the compression on his spinal cord. The doctors said it went well.

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“They got everything stabilized,” according to the family. An MRI “showed swelling of (Dominic’s) spinal cord,” they said. “We will have to wait until the swelling subsides before we know more regarding his prognosis.”

“As always thank you from the Chavez family for the prayers and support. Thank you to the amazing community of Roswell and all the individuals from outside the community as well. You are helping us so much.”

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