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‘Journey of the Noble Gnarble’

Illustration by Tiffany Turrill Daniel Errico's book, "Journey of the Noble Gnarble," brought to life at Ocotillo Performing Arts Center in Artesia on Aug. 10.

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The children of the Missoula-style theater camp in Artesia take the audience below the sea

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

The children of the Missoula-style theater camp are ages 3 to 18 and will perform “Journey of the Noble Gnarble,” by Daniel Errico. The performance takes place at the Ocotillo Performing Arts Center in Artesia, 310 W. Main St., Aug. 10 at 3 p.m.

“Daniel’s stories are highly entertaining, engaging, imaginative, and ever so respectful of his young audience,” Nickelodeon writer and producer Dennis Shinners said. “He’s a fresh young voice with a classic sense of storytelling.”

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The story is charming, and children of all ages will enjoy the adventures of the noble gnarble. The creatures remind one of Dr. Seuss’ creations. The story takes place in the deep ocean, way below the surface.

The ocean floor is filled with the rarest of creatures, but none are as rare as the gnarbles. Their fins are small, their tails are floppy, and they never stray far from their homes — until now.

This is the story of a gnarble with a dream, who tries to make it past doubting blyfish, sneaky subbalubbles and hungry pink plinks on his way to the surface of the sea. Even when he gets swallowed, the little gnarble doesn’t give up his dream — to see the sun for the first time.

The audience will follow this heartfelt and unforgettable journey through an underwater world like they’ve never seen before.

Errico is a multimedia children’s author who focuses on traditional storytelling. His works are published through various sites, collections, mobile apps and best-selling ebooks as part of several multimedia collaborations for children’s literature.

His stories emphasize themes of perseverance and resilience, as well as highlights a fundamental curiosity about the world.

Errico is also the creator of a website, freechildrenstories.com, which offers free and original media for children. Errico, a former mechanical engineer, graduated from Villanova University, Pennsylvania, in 2005. He left his career at an investment company to follow the only passion that mattered to him: children’s literature. He founded the site in 2008.

However, Errico said that he did not want to downplay the amazing programs and resources available in communities, such as public libraries, instead, he wanted to add to it. The site is visited regularly by thousands of parents, teachers and children around the globe who cannot afford traditional books and have either no time, or are too far away from the nearest library. Errico’s overarching goal is to provide easily accessible stories to children everywhere.

Errico’s best-selling book, “Bravest Knight,” has been picked up as an animated children’s series and is available on Hulu. His story “Wereboy” is on KidReadz! podcast, which is created by working moms who needed a simple and free way to stream audio on long car rides and while they worked.

Errico said that his biggest inspiration is Dr. Seuss, especially his “The Butter Battle Book.” The secret of his success is to not underestimate a child’s mind and to surround himself with creative minds as often as possible, he said.

For more information, visit artesiaartscouncil.com or call 575-746-4212.


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