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Letter: Why are so many school supply drives needed?


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It’s that time of year when we get ready for the children of Roswell to go back to school, and some kind folks are again asking for donations of basic school supplies so the children are properly equipped for their first day. But why?

Our governor recently signed into law a 16% increase in school funding, bringing the total to $3.2 billion — yes billion with a ‘b’ — to be spent each year on educating the children. So why do the schools have to beg for the most basic of supplies. Where is all that money going? We certainly don’t overpay the teachers — or, it seems, buy pens, pencils or notebooks.

Time to find out why so little of that $3.2 billion is actually being used for its intended purpose; that is, equipping the classrooms and educating the children.

Neil Binderman

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