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Letter: Writer should do ‘some careful research’


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A letter in the Aug. 1 Roswell Daily Record discussed the recent immigration situation on our southern border. The writer makes some sweeping generalizations that he probably could not verify.

Does he really know if all or most of “Those currently on our southern border are trying to enter our country legally?” How many of those are criminals or terrorists? How many were caught trying to crash the border? How many truly meet the definition of “refugee?” Who told them to go to our southern border instead of applying from their own country?

He also discusses the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already here. He tells us they are here at the express invitation of American employers and are paid lower wages than people here legally. He tells us they typically pay far less than a fair share of taxes. How could he possibly know that? Does he keep files on millions of illegal immigrants? Those statements are very likely true of some of them, but how many? Who keeps that writer informed?

Then he tells us, “When Trump’s folly has ended, we will have dehumanized an entire race of people.” My dictionary defines race, “any of the major biological divisions of mankind, distinguished by color and texture of hair, color of skin and eyes, stature, bodily proportions, etc.: many ethnologists now consider that there are only three primary divisions …” Which of those “three primary divisions” has been dehumanized? People in Central America come in all flavors.

We have laws outlining how people of other countries (without regard to race) can legally come to the USA. How does enforcing those laws constitute “dehumanizing an entire race of people?”

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We must hope that writer learns to do some careful research and give his sources before he spouts sweeping generalizations and accusations.

Russell A. Scott

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