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Letter: Conservatives should believe their eyes, not rhetoric


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In response to Russell Scott’s letter published in the Aug. 9 issue of the Roswell Daily Record I would like to offer the following comments.

Throughout history immigrants have proven to be an asset to our nation. With some 5,000 miles of shoreline and some 4,000 miles of open border I would think it extremely rare a criminal or terrorist would come here legally to endure the treatment those seeking asylum are currently receiving on our southern border.

Whether white, brown or black, no race deserves the treatment being heaped on those seeking legal entry into our nation.

With Trump’s trillion-dollar deficit, his tax cuts to the wealthy and our current $22.5 trillion national debt, we can’t afford to waste money on this Trump folly. The real issue is the number of undocumented workers here now rather than those seeking asylum. The legal residents will become tax-paying consumers. Many of those here illegally are working strictly for cash, and without a valid Social Security number it is doubtful few are paying a fair share of taxes.

I’m not even going to mention the fact Trump hasn’t paid income tax in the past 20 years.

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Considering that by definition a conservative is one adverse to change. I can understand their reluctance to accept climate change, renewable energies or any change proven effective in other nations in improving life quality, but this fear-based xenophobia so prevalent with Trump supporters is beyond my understanding.

My hope would be they could believe their eyes rather than the hate-based rhetoric being spewed by the leadership of the Republican Party.

John Grogan

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