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Letter: Opinions should be clearly labeled as such


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The writer of a letter in the Aug. 10 Roswell Daily Record was answering a previous letter concerning the immigration situation on our southern border. As is his custom, he left many questions unanswered, while he made further sweeping generalizations and accusations.

Some unanswered questions: Does he know for certain if all or most of those who mass on our southern border meet the definition of “refugee?” Does he keep files on illegal immigrants so he could tell us with certainty if they pay less than their fair share of taxes?

How does enforcing our laws on immigration constitute “dehumanizing an entire race of people?”

How could he know, “Many of those here illegally are working strictly for cash, and without a valid Social Security number it is doubtful few are paying a fair share of taxes?”

All the criminals who took part in the 9-11 terrorist attacks were here legally. Shouldn’t we be very careful of whom we admit to our country? Does he believe everyone who asks for asylum is truly a refugee?

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The accepted definition of a refugee does not include people looking for better economic opportunity. “Refugee” is defined as “a person trying to escape persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, or political opinion.”

Notice that economic hardship is not a criterion for being a refugee.

If that writer believes conditions in the detention facilities are dehumanizing, he should take his own advice (“My hope would be they could believe their eyes rather than the hate-based rhetoric being spewed by the leadership of the Republican Party.”) and make a personal inspection. He must not believe the rhetoric of the Democratic Party.

He must also take into account that the Border Patrol experienced a sudden spike of people trying to enter the country that overwhelmed the existing facilities.

We must hope that writer learns to read carefully, consider difficult questions, and only make statements that can be verified rather than sweeping generalizations and accusations he could not possibly know to be fact.

If he gives opinions, they should be clearly labeled as opinions.

Russell A. Scott

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