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Letter: Many are upset over issue of fees


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I am a retired military veteran who proudly served his country for 26 years. I have also voted recently and have been a proud citizen of Roswell for many years.

I am not, however, proud of the city council decision to charge fees to enter the facility which is so clearly named “A Veteran’s Memorial”.

Taxpayer money has been used to pay for the new aquatic center, as it was probably used to build the adult center. The center is well-maintained and staffed and is a welcome gathering place for people to follow hobbies, play dominoes and pool, or simply to have a cup of coffee and have pleasant conversations. There are many people who are upset with the decision to collect fees and several have stated that they will no longer come where their presence is only tolerable if they can pay the price.

Finally, I could encourage veterans and Roswell citizens of all persuasions to contact city council members and express their opinions and concerns regarding this matter.

Kenneth Wunderlick

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