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Letter: Why cite sources to back up common knowledge?


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After reading the letter by Russell Scott in the Aug. 17 edition of the Roswell Daily Record I realized I do owe him an explanation.

It is my understanding a statement considered to be common knowledge does not require a citation. I read several news sources as well as watch two different news sources on a near daily basis. Subject matter discussed for weeks on end by several different news sources I do consider to be common knowledge, which precludes the need to cite my sources.

I remember a study a few years ago, and published in several publications, that found Fox News viewers were less informed of current events than those who watched no news. I can understand how many Trump supporters would consider actual events as needing to be verified as to sources.

My heart hurts when I think of the overcrowding, the separation of children from their parents and the deaths from lack of adequate healthcare. When my great grandkids are studying about the cruelty of this administration in their American History classes, I want them to know their great grandpa voiced his disapproval at every opportunity.

In stating my disapproval of the cruelty, the cost and the ineffectiveness of Trump’s immigration folly I have trouble staying within the word limit requested by the editor.

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I don’t intend to waste a single word in citing sources on statements which should be considered common knowledge, or explaining how illegal immigrants won’t have valid Social Security numbers because they are not legal residents.

John Grogan

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