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Letter: Don’t seek to enforce laws you don’t like


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It’s nice of the Daily Record to give a front-page article to a candidate for county clerk. I hope they’re planning the same coverage for all candidates. Otherwise, it might look like their coverage is biased.

Upon reading this, I discovered Cindy Fuller, chief deputy clerk for Chaves County, opposes laws she would be called on to enforce if elected.

She opposes the new state law allowing people, in 2019 and 2020, to register the same day they vote if participating in early voting.

Previous law mandated a 28-day delay between registering and voting. That was enacted at a time when registering involved first filling out a form. That form was transcribed into a master list and selected items were typed onto voter rolls.

The form had to be copied and sent via mail to the Secretary of State’s office. Existing records were checked manually before the new registrant was added to the master voter list.

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I’m sure that took 28 days. Things happen differently today with everything done online.

While the new registration is entered, the existing database is checked to see if that voter is already registered, if so where, and what changes need to be made to the data. Changes are made, the voter registered.

This is more labor-intensive for the clerk’s office, but convenient for the voter. Let’s remember who is supposed to be serving whom.

In 2021, same-day registration will be the law, allowing voters to register on Election Day (not just at early voting sites) and vote. This has been shown to improve voter turnout.

Fuller opposes this too, according to the article.

If elected county clerk … it seems to me she would have little appetite for her job, being forced to implement laws she opposes. May I suggest she is running for the wrong office?

Since she has so many issues with voter registration laws, I suggest she run for state representative or senator. If you don’t like a law, don’t ask to be the one to enforce it, work to change it.

On a related note, I think most of the sheriffs in our state should be removed from their offices for refusing to enforce duly enacted state law (background checks for gun sales).

Their only job is to enforce laws. Refusing to do so is wrong. If they want to make law, they belong in the Legislature, not law enforcement.

Flo Wells

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