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Reader: Shelter pet represents plight of ‘elder dogs’


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He’s white with short hair and big like Marmaduke with long boney legs and you can count every rib. He has a big head and a slightly scarred face and large sad brown eyes. I have been there to see him three times and would adopt him myself but we already have two large rescue dogs and I would not be able to walk three large dogs.

Animal Control said he has until Sept. 5 before they put him down if no one adopts him … Somebody treated him like trash and threw him away and now he has to pay even more by giving his life because no one wants him.

I asked to see him away from other dogs. I stroked his head behind his ears and patted him like I do my sweet dogs at home. I talked to him like he mattered and like no one may have ever done in his life and tried to tell him I would do all I could to get him out of that grim situation. …

They said he is eight years old and he is a Great Pyrenees Mix. The Roswell Humane office said elder dogs are very hard to adopt … Most rescue organizations will not take older dogs.

Please someone, go to Animal Control before Sept. 5, adopt this sweet dog. Please don’t let him down again in this hard life. He’s in cage 21. His name is Andre.

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Deborah Mulkey

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