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Letter: Resident disappointed in concert’s cancellation


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I just found out there would be no concert in the park this Labor Day. I am wondering why this would be canceled? In the past years there have been a lot of people who have attended these concerts and every one I have talked with, have enjoyed the music. This is a great time for families and friends to get together and have picnics and then listen to some great music.

Who is the one who has decided this should be canceled? I am very disappointed in the people who have taken it upon themselves to give this up. I guess those in charge of events in Roswell really don’t care what people want and enjoy!

If anyone is worried about something going wrong in the park and not taking care of how things are run, who don’t we just close down all extra activities and don’t let people have fun and enjoy the things Roswell has to offer?

This is something our family and friends have enjoyed for several years, why on earth would this fun be taken away from us? I guess we can say that Roswell really doesn’t want the citizens to enjoy this place.

Marjorie Newman

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