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New VideoPhone available for deaf and hearing impaired


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In a collaboration with the New Mexico Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the New Mexico State Library, a PurpleVRS VideoPhone is now available in the Roswell Public Library. This assistive technology allows deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speech-disabled persons to place calls using sign language, either calling another video phone directly or placing a call through an interpreter to others who also use the VideoPhone.

The Roswell Public Library is the third to partner with this program in the state along with Albuquerque’s Main Library and the Branigan Library in Las Cruces. Many constituents don’t have the high-speed internet access needed to utilize these types of devices, so by offering this service free-of-charge, those who have hearing impairments will now have the ability to communicate with doctors, friends and family through a visual medium. The VideoPhone is located near the Young Adult Area of the library in a study carrel. Those needing to use it can visit the Reference Desk to find out how.

For more information, you can call 575-622-7101, visit 301 N. Pennsylvania Ave. and like us on Facebook

Book Talk
by Tomás González Reference Librarian

“The Wanderers” by Chuck Wendig is an apocalyptic novel that is set in present time, drawing many similarities to the world’s current social and political settings. At the beginning of this story, the world has not yet ended, but there is a strange occurrence that has everyone on edge. A large group of people have come under some type of condition that takes over their motor skills rendering them unresponsive to any form of communication or touch. They have turned into zombies, but not ones that have risen from the dead or need to feed on brains, and some type of magnetism or force is drawing large numbers of these victims toward it with no idea why.

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Shana, one of the main protagonists, wakes up one day to find that her sister, Nessie, has come under this condition and begins to act extremely strange. Nessie begins walking barefoot in front of their home and makes her way to another road nearby where others soon join her; others that are under the same hypnotism and it’s making them walk to an unknown location. Any attempts to stop these wanderers are unsuccessful. They do not respond to any vocal commands or pleas. Physically restraining the wanderers is of no avail. Any attempts to do this causes a violent, bodily reaction from the wanderer. Their body temperature begins to rise, and if not released, their bodies explode causing an end to that wanderer’s unknown journey, but also bringing about their death.

The cause of why these people are walking under a spell is unknown. The media and the public believe it could be divine intervention, aliens, a type of epidemic, terrorists, or maybe, it could even be Russian hackers. The government, scientists and the public all search and race to find a means to stop this unknown phenomenon.

Shana, her dad, friends and family of other wanderers, and government officials soon tag along on this journey. They become shepherds to these walkers as they make their way to their unknown destination. Along the way, there are schemes to stop and reroute the wanderers’ march forward. Through their journey, they face government intervention, natural disasters, friends and family giving in to despair, and crazed militias stepping in to put a stop to this madness and save the country from this strange phenomenon that has affected thousands of people.

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