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Letter: New Mexico GOP wrong about Mathys’ statement


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Even when attacking one of its own, the New Mexico GOP gets things wrong. In Roswell Daily Record, Oct. 1, it is reported that the state GOP is criticizing Chris Mathys, candidate in the GOP primary for New Mexico Congressional District 2, for saying one of his opponents, Yvette Herrell, sponsored a bill in the 2015 legislature that is pro-abortion. The bill she sponsored would have allowed abortion until the 20th week of pregnancy and would have banned it without exception after that (Bye bye, Mom. We like the fetus better than you.)

It is easy to see that, if you oppose all abortion all the time, as Mr. Mathys clearly does, that this bill was pro-abortion. New Mexico GOP is wrong about Mr. Mathys’ statement.

This is also obviously an effort on the part of the party structure to support Herrell over Mathys, showing they can’t even follow their own rules. The party is supposed to remain neutral in primaries and until the voters have chosen their candidate. …

Nationally, the GOP has moved from being the “law and order” party to being the party of breaking all the rules if it will win an election.

Apparently that lawlessness has spread to the New Mexico GOP. Too bad!

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Flo Wells

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