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Boy shows off steer at Eastern New Mexico State Fair

Javin Webb, 12, of Fort Sumner, stands next to his steer Jamal Pueblo Escobar King Jr. at the Steer Show Thursday at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair. (Alex Ross Photo)

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Despite the looming clouds and rain Thursday, the steer show at this year’s Eastern New Mexico State Fair went on as planned.

Young children and men in cowboy hats sat in bleachers and stood outside the arena and steers ranging from American, British and Exotic breeds were pulled into the arena by their owners to be judged.

The contest drew people and steers from far and near to take place in the show. One of those who made the 80-mile trip from Fort Sumner, New Mexico to Roswell for the contest was Javin Webb, a 12-year-old who hails from a farm.

Webb had entered his 1,425-pound steer Jamal Pablo Escobar King Jr. into the show.

The world of steers and livestock is very much a part of daily life for Webb. The product of a farm, he has been raising three steers and three hogs. And when he is not tending to his animals, Webb is growing watermelons and cantaloupe.

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And for the last three years, he has been entering his steers into shows.

“It’s just a hobby,” he said.

In addition to the Eastern New Mexico State Fair, Webb said he has taken part in other shows, including the New Mexico State Fair in Albuquerque. Tuesday, he entered some of the hogs he raised in the Market Swine show and walked away with a second-place prize.

When it comes to steers, though, Webb said Jamal Pablo is the only one he entered into the show at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair this year. He said that is because, given his physical structure, Jamal Pablo is the best steer he raised this year.

However, Webb said that the judge had told him that Jamal Pablo’s front was too wide.

Raising animals is something Webb said has instilled in him responsibility, though it can be time-consuming. Some of the hardest parts about raising steers, he said, are the chores that come with it.

“Morning and night I have to wash him,” he said of Jamal Pablo.

As he stood outside of the arena with the steer he has raised, Webb said he did not know if he would win a prize in this year’s show. He added there were other things he could have done more of to get Jamal Pablo in better shape.

However, those realizations can always help him as he prepares Jamal Pablo or other steers for future shows.

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