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Letter: Farm Bill benefits New Mexico’s algae farmers


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The Farm Bill of 2019-2023 has placed algae among the nation’s top priorities for new crop deployment and provides support for the development of algae and related technologies in nutrient management, soil health, carbon recycling and other farm and rural applications, according to an analysis by the Algae Biomass Organization (ABO).

New Mexico already has the largest algae crop farm in the U.S. and it is only 100 acres producing billions of dollars in omega-3 supplements. NM has the perfect conditions for farming algae with plenty of sunshine and saline water year-around and requires very little energy for electricity. Algae does not have a growing season like other crops and grows continuously year-around. It is almost the perfect crop.

The Farm Bill assurances makes algae farming very attractive to private investors. The one major enhancement is that algae has been added to the federal crop insurance programs. What is ironic is that the DOE is still focused on biofuels and not on food stuff and other products made from algae. Research has already proved that algae biofuels are way too expensive to produce. Some day the government will realize that all biofuels are a waste of time.

The Farm Bill also provides Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) eligibility and provides financial support to farmers for establishment, production and delivery of new biomass crops. This will not only expand the algae farming industry in New Mexico, it will also aid in the development of secondary businesses. Yes, this is a subsidy. So what?

Bill Gates has already shown up at the door. As a philosophical anthropologist who believes in the essence of humankind, he will definitely accelerate the growth of algae farming in New Mexico. Maybe Gates will also build one of his molten salt nuclear reactors in New Mexico too. As some of you already know, Bill Gates started his little software business in New Mexico. It is only appropriate that he returns to his roots.

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Algae crop farming is the future and it is here now in New Mexico and west Texas. As I recall, there is another industry wanting to start up in those same two locations as well: HI-STORE CISF, consolidated interim storage of unused nuclear fuel rods, also a multi-billion dollar business.

Martin Kral

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