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Letter: Good time had by all at ‘Sweepstakes Murder Mystery’


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Last weekend, those of us who attended the locally produced play “Sweepstakes Murder Mystery” held at the UFO Museum enjoyed two evenings of wonderful entertainment. This three-part play (was) written and produced as a fundraiser by Shelly Currier, the director of Wings for Life, a very popular after-school program and other ministries that benefit both children and adults alike.

Shelly and her team deserve recognition for this very well planned and entertaining event that involved a) explanation of the scenario, b) information from the “murder suspects,” c) collecting clues from local businesses on Saturday — and then the grand finale on Saturday evening with a dinner, which included the excitement and suspense of seeing suspects eliminated from guilt as we waited to hear the winners announced!

Many generous prizes were awarded with the grand prize going to Eddy County former attorney, Janetta Hicks.

The entire event was full of fun, laughter and excellent food, wonderful camaraderie among all walks of life. Appreciation and gratitude to Shelly and her team, to the businesses involved and to all who contributed to this uplifting event.

Margaret Rodriguez

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