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Letter: Attitudes an obstacle to stopping pollution


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I applaud the recent (column) by Ms. Kaitlyn Ware for Millennial Voices, and agree that unless the pollution of our planet is stopped soon, the damage will be irreversible. Unfortunately this is the real world and you will be up against much opposition if you actually try and stop the pollution, and hence climate change.

The student parking lots of both our high schools are full of fossil-fueled vehicles. Suggest to the students that they do their bit to stop pollution by not using their cars and trucks to get to school. You will quickly discover that the attitude is, “Stopping pollution is a great idea but I can’t possibly be expected to give up my car or truck.”

Any attempt to stop or reduce pollution generated by industry will be met with the well worn rhetoric: “We can’t do that, it’s bad for the economy and it’ll cost jobs.”

A recent case in point. Our governor intends to introduce new vehicle emissions standards to reduce air pollution, and upon this announcement one of our local elected officials was immediately up in arms stating that, “The new clean car standards would negatively impact farmers, ranchers, builders and tradespeople who use the larger vehicles as part of their jobs. it would have a negative financial impact on farms and dairies.”

While on the subject of dairies, in 2013 rules were changed to try and stop the manure runoff from the dairies continuing to pollute our drinking water. These changes were fought tooth and nail by the dairy industry, always citing loss of profits.

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So Ms. Ware, excellent column, but you will quickly find out that the attitude of many is, it’s a great idea to stop pollution, but only if other people do it and it doesn’t interfere with their modern lifestyle. And for others, that profit is far more important than the future of the planet.

Neil Binderman

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