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Letter: The Democrats want to ‘Lock God in church’


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A friend says he’ll vote for the Democrat who’ll cut taxes. We laugh because they don’t and won’t, and after watching the presidential debates, we agree we’ve never seen a greater concentration of lunatics outside an asylum.

I know crazy, but by God’s grace and people He’s put into my life, I pass for normal.

I recognize my strangeness and see peculiarities in people who’d never abort a baby at nine months nor let strangers who don’t knock come into our country, elect Democrats who’d end life any time before birth and give sanctuary to illegal aliens. …

Democrats lock God in church. They won’t let schoolkids sing songs about Jesus at Christmas, nor let coaches lead players in prayer.

They also want to take our guns away. They say it’s to reduce violence like we’ll go berserk and shoot our neighbors. I think they’re afraid we’ll use them to overthrow a Democrat dictatorship.

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Democrats would ban plastic straws and fracking, not because they care for the earth, but because they like telling us what to do even when they’re wrong.

They insist we let homosexuals use restrooms of the opposite sex because they’ve discovered a new sex, transgenders.

Democrats hate President Trump because they can’t bully him, and they want him gone because he may be re-elected because he’s eliminated job-killing regulations and his Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has created millions of jobs and higher wages for workers.

He hasn’t repealed and replaced Obamacare, but he removed the individual mandate. He’s working to build a wall on our southern border, and he’s reviving our coal, steel and manufacturing industries. His trade deals put our workers and businesses first.

Democrats buy votes. Universal Basic Income and free college is some of what they’re selling, and not one penny of the cost comes out of your pocket.

The real price is a greater dependence on government and a lessening of your liberty.

Ralph Rivera

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