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Letter writer: Anyone should be able to use any word


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The Democrats were outraged when President Trump referred to congressional actions as a ‘lynching.’ The fact is five Democrat congressman, including Kerry and Biden, used the term during President Clinton’s impeachment.

Far beyond this, however, is the actual history of lynchings.

During Reconstruction after the Civil War there were approximately 3,500 recorded lynchings of blacks in the south. During the same period there were another 1,300 lynchings of white Republicans. President Lincoln, a Republican, issued the Emancipation Proclamation and General Grant, a Republican, protected freed slaves with the military. After Lincoln’s assassination President Andrew Johnson, a Democrat, pulled the troops out of the south and the vile actions against blacks and Republicans resumed.

The present Democrats’ feigned indignation is ridiculous. Democrats need to take ownership of that word — ‘lynching.’ Through their use of it so much, they should have a copyright on it.

Later on the great liberal Democrat President Wilson had many showings of the Klan movie “Birth of a Nation” in the White House. The lack of teaching of these truths is called revisionist history. This is a reminder that revisionism has long been practiced by the Democrat Party.

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The use of the word, ‘lynching,’ is accepted when used by an African American (such as Justice nominee Clarence Thomas during his hearings), but not by a white American. …

If a word is defined with a meaning that fits a description of a subject of conversation, freedom of speech would seem to dictate that anyone can use that word. Restricting the use of any word to a certain group of people is racist.

Therefore, those who are complaining about the use of ‘lynching’ are exhibiting their racism.

Dick Bartlett

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