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Letter: GOP should focus on winning over more voters


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I read the article “NM GOP sues to halt absentee voting in Las Cruces” in the Nov. 5 paper.

I remember — do you? — when the party or person who lost an election used the loss to learn, regroup, reorganize, realign policies with potential voters, choose a better candidate, and worked harder to get supporters to the polls. In today’s world, the GOP uses a loss to accuse voters and county clerks of fraud and to suppress opposition voters instead of energizing their own supporters.

How very un-American and undemocratic of them!

Instead of accusing 3,000 voters in the 2018 election of fraudulent voting and county clerks of fraudulent vote counting, the New Mexico GOP should be looking for 3,001 more Republican votes.

Steve Pearce and James Townsend should be focused on finding GOP supporters.

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They should not be halting vote counting until they can find another way to win than getting the most votes.

In a democracy, you sometimes lose. There are always lessons to be learned from a loss. Learn them and you will gain more voters and maybe win the next election.

Don’t rely on courts for your wins, rely on the voters — ALL of them.

Flo Wells

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