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Letter: Seeing the Constitution, Democrats, news agencies as ‘witches’


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So, Trump views himself as the victim of the greatest witch hunt in American history even though he, his chief of staff, his personal attorney, and several witnesses have confirmed his guilt in attempting to bribe a foreign country to help him win an election.

No, Trump is not the victim, he is a maniacal narcissist with no respect for our constitution who expects complete adoration and relinquishment of independent thought from his followers.

Trump is not a victim of a witch hunt, he is the leader of the hunters seeking to eliminate the imaginary witches he perceives are trying to destroy his reign as dictator of America. His witches are our Constitution, Democrats and virtually all news agencies. His goal seems to be the destruction of the very institutions that have made us the greatest nation on Earth.

The man who made 13,435 false and misleading claims as of Oct. 14 has labeled any news agency disputing his lies as fake news even though our 1st Amendment is vital to the protection of our democracy. He has also disputed the validity of the impeachment clause, and the emoluments clause.

In Trump’s view the real evil witch is our Constitution, which is being used to set limits on his foolish follies. His goal seems to be to burn our Constitution at the stake, and I’m sure he would then want to sell the ashes for his personal profit.

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We need him out of office as soon as possible in order to limit the damage he can do to our nation.

John Grogan

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