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Letter: Claims of rigged elections have a negative impact


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Response to Nov. 5 front-page Roswell Daily Record headline, “NM GOP sues to halt absentee voting in Las Cruces”:

There they go again. The Republican Party is once again trying to suppress votes in heavily Democratic Dona Ana County. This time the GOP is claiming that state and local officials are “rigging” the mayoral election. They are asking for an injunction to stop the counting of absentee ballots because they have evidently determined that those votes are going against them.

If this sounds familiar it is because the Republicans in the 2018 congressional election tried to get absentee ballots from Dona Ana County thrown out by making baseless claims of potential voter fraud. They got the ballots sequestered by the courts and hired a small army of lawyers to microscopically examine each of them seeking technical issues that would get the Democratic votes thrown out. They failed miserably in their efforts and Xochitl Torres Small was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives where she has ably represented her constituents. Torres Small has earned a reputation as a fair-minded and hardworking “moderate” who engages both political parties in efforts to, among other things, bring more health care professionals to southern New Mexico.

The sort of harsh rhetoric about rigged elections coming from the Republican leadership when they lose an election does nothing but undermine people’s faith in our democracy. I understand that they’re taking their cues from Donald Trump, who threw around the same kind of language in the 2018 mid-term congressional elections. But when all was said and done in those mid-terms, there was only one election where the results were thrown out because a political operative tampered with absentee ballots, and he was hired by the Republican candidate.

Bob Carroll

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