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Letter: Man’s governments cannot overcome all problems


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While watching Greta Thunberg and other students express concern, worry and anger over climate change and what it is doing to the earth and their future, I can’t help but feel for their emotional well-being. In New Mexico, young students are also protesting to government leaders.

Well, nothing can be done about natural climate change and since action started too late on the portion that mankind is blamed for, it cannot be stopped by man.

As one commentator put it: When Mount St. Helens blew its side out, it spewed more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere in three days, then man could in a hundred years.

With increased geological activity and ocean release of CO2, more worldwide forest fires, thawing of permafrost and arctic ice, 30 years of destruction of rain forests, all adding CO2 at an alarming rate, far outpacing what man does, I see man’s effort having little avail.I think if the students knew about the 100-plus wonderful promises in the Bible about the future of the earth and its inhabitants, they would feel better about what’s ahead. When Jesus said he had “other sheep” he was talking about the “meek” that would “inherit the earth.”

Would he make his subjects live on a destroyed earth? There are New Testament scriptures that bring the wonderful Old Testament prophecies concerning the earth into Christianity, prophecies that had a minor fulfillment in their day and will have a major climax in the near future. Mankind will live on a paradise earth, with housing for each man and his family, abundant food and perfect health, living with no fear of oppression, pain, war and death, in a world of truth, peace and exquisite delight.

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There is only one government that can achieve all that and control the climate. It’s the Kingdom of God. None of man’s governments can do this.

Joe Muse

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