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Letter: Poe Corn tourney needs sponsorships


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The Sunrise Optimist Poe Corn Basketball Tournament is the longest-running basketball tournament in the state. The tournament was adopted by the Sunrise Optimist Club in 2000 when the club was chartered.

The tournament had set dormant for a few years prior to being picked up by the Club. The tournament had often skipped years in its long history for various reasons.

We feel this tournament is not only beneficial to the local teams, but to the community as well. It brings in the parents of the players to watch their sons play. These people will need a place to stay, food to eat, gas to get back home and so on.

The local Sunrise Optimist Club members give hundreds of hours to put this tournament on for the community. We are asking for the community to get behind this tradition by supporting the tournament.

Without the support of the community the future of this tournament could be in danger.

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We do want to thank those sponsors that have continued to support the tournament for several years now. We couldn’t have one without them.

Funds raised (from sponsorships) are distributed to several of the youth organizations throughout Roswell and to the Vern Stall Memorial scholarship fund.

This year’s tournament is December 26-28.

Please help us keep this long-running historical tournament going. We do not want to let it drop again.

If you have questions contact Tracy Mumford at 317-7275 or Roger K. Burnett at 420-9420.

Roger K. Burnett
Sunrise Optimist Club of Roswell

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