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STEM concepts — build a model planet on Saturday


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On Saturday, Nov. 23 at 2 p.m., the Roswell Public Library is hosting Saturday STEM, a series of science activities designed to strengthen STEM concepts in children. This one will teach kids how the planets orbit the sun and the role the moon plays on gravitation.

Everyone will take home their own clay model of a planet, as well! This program is free to attend and no registration is required.

For more information, you can call 575-622-7101, visit the website at http://roswell-nm.gov/405 and like us on Facebook.

Book Talk
by Robert Briggs Circulation Supervisor

Most people make getting in shape a New Year’s resolution, but it is important to be healthy year-round. It is especially hard to keep in shape during the holiday months due to the stress of the holiday hustle and all of the candies and baked goodies that come with the season. Still, it isn’t impossible to keep up with a wellness routine, and the library is a great place to start when looking for tips on keeping in shape.

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Of all the obstacles there are to working out, setting aside time is probably the one that keeps people from keeping up with a healthy routine. Efficiency is key for people who want to keep it up through the holidays, and Pete McCall’s “Smarter Workouts” is a great resource to help people maximize the effectiveness of their workout without taking up a huge amount of time. McCall explains the science between each workout, helping readers understand why they are doing what they are doing and therefore motivating them to work harder. He shows readers how to use inexpensive exercise equipment so they are also not breaking the bank trying to get themselves into shape. The book is full of photographs of people actually performing the workouts so readers can get a better understanding of how to do them properly to minimize risk of injury. This is a great resource for anybody looking to squeeze in workouts. “Smarter Workouts” can be found in Adult Nonfiction, call number 613.7 M124s.

The amount of goodies available throughout the holiday season makes it hard to keep one’s weight in check. Sheer willpower isn’t good enough for most people, and when friends and family members insist that their dishes be sampled, it’s next to impossible to keep from overeating. Luckily, “The Joy of Half a Cookie,” by Jean Kristeller, PhD, is an excellent guide on how to enjoy treats without overdoing it. Kristeller explains that through mindfulness, it is possible to enjoy dessert and lose weight. She explains that trying to avoid “forbidden” foods doesn’t work for most people, and that a better alternative is just to recognize when you have had enough rather than forgoing certain foods altogether. This is an excellent tool for people who have struggled to lose weight by teaching them to control their eating habits rather than try to cut them altogether. “The Joy of Half a Cookie” can be found in Adult Nonfiction, call number 613.25 K898j.

Keeping one’s mental health in check is just as important as keeping the body in shape, and in fact, they are often linked together. The holiday season is so hectic that people forget and ignore their mental health and become stressed and depressed. Psychotherapist Phillipa Perry’s “How To Stay Sane” is a guide to keeping one’s mentality healthy. She teaches readers how to recognize the unique way of how their mind works so they are able to process feelings and outside influences in a healthy manner. “How to Stay Sane” can be found in Adult Nonfiction, call number 616.89 P429h.

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