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Letter writer ponders GOP’s ‘bad luck’


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In watching the Trump impeachment hearing I started thinking about all the bad luck the Republicans have had with their elected representatives over the past 45 years.

In 1974 Nixon resigned and 40 government officials were indicted or jailed. Reagan set the all-time record with 138 investigations, indictments and convictions. During the George W. Bush administration we suffered the most deadly and destructive terror attack in our nation’s history. He then lied about his motive for the Iraqi War. Now Donald Trump is facing a long list of articles of impeachment which will likely result in his removal from office, or resignation. It appears likely Trump will replace Reagan as the most corrupt in our history.

Their investigations of the Clintons have proven to be a fruitless and expensive endeavor. After the four-year Whitewater investigation Ken Starr could produce no wrongdoing on Clinton’s part. President Clinton was impeached for lying about his sexual affair. Again, during the Obama Administration the GOP conducted some 14 separate investigations without a single incident of wrongdoing found.

The fiscal management of each Republican administration has proven to be even worse than their investigative abilities. When Reagan took office our national debt was $990 billion. Today we owe some $23 trillion. At present the Trump administration has nearly doubled the Obama deficit. He will likely produce the largest growth in spending in our nation’s history. The past 23 years of the Republican trickle-down economic policies has left us a severely indebted and weakened nation.

With all this bad luck some might think the Republican leadership are largely a corrupt and incompetent group funded by corporate America, for the benefit of corporate America, and with little regard for middle class America.

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John Grogan

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