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Bring in 2020 with a Noon Year’s Eve celebration


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For the little ones who can’t stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year, the Library will be having a NOON Year’s Eve party instead! On Tuesday, Dec. 31 at 11:30 a.m., there will be special activities to celebrate the start of 2020. Kids will get to make a popsicle stick harmonica to use as a noisemaker, commemorative framed handprints and a time capsule to save for their future selves to discover. Then when the clock strikes 12, there will be a balloon drop to celebrate the upcoming year. We’ll be serving light refreshments, as well.

There are a few changes to our hours during the holidays. The Library will be closed on Wednesday, Dec. 25 and Wednesday, Jan. 1. We will close early on Tuesday, Dec. 31, closing at 6 p.m. for New Year’s Eve. The book drop will remain open during these times and access to the online materials will still be available.

For more information, you can contact the library by calling 575-622-7101, visit the website at http://roswell-nm.gov/405/ and like us on Facebook.

Book Talk
By Amanda Davis
Reference Librarian

Comic book adaptations have increased in popularity in recent years, with the Marvel and DC franchises making their characters and stories accessible to a more general audience through movies and TV shows. Alan Moore has long been a big name in the comic book industry and you may even recognize some of the film and show titles I’ll be reviewing here and not realize that they’re based on comics. So, if you are interested in getting to the source material, you can check out these graphic novels in the Young Adult section of the library.

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The most recent release is the “Watchmen” TV series on HBO. Though this is original material independent of the comics, the movie released in 2009 was a more direct translation of the graphic novel of the same name. “Watchmen” takes place in a universe where there are masked heroes, but many of them don’t have much by the way of superpowers. Focusing less on fights and defeating evil, it shows the human side of the heroes and how they’re usually pretty broken people in the first place when taking up an alternate persona, whether to fight crime or commit it.

While, the “Joker” movie is not based on Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke”, it has made people more empathetic to the Joker as a tragic character rather than one-note villain. “The Killing Joke” was written in 1988 and offers the earliest version of Joker’s evolution from ordinary man to the remorseless psychopath that Batman continually faces off against. It was so well done, it was pretty much adopted as the canon backstory for him in the various comic series for quite some time after.

“V for Vendetta” the movie came out back in 2005 and the graphic novel about 17 years prior, but has maintained its effect on the mainstream, if only for its influence in the use of the Guy Fawkes mask as an icon for anarchist revolution. Alan Moore has done his best to distance himself from the movie, so if you’re intrigued by the general story, you may want to read the original graphic novel to experience Moore’s original intent. The main differences are more philosophical and therefore difficult to list, but the movie goes for the more classic tropes of an all-out evil government and favorable anti-hero with more of an American atmosphere. The graphic novel was specifically about British government problems at the time and it’s less clear cut on everybody’s intentions just being “good” and “evil.”

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