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Letter: Opposition to Senate Bill 5 is misplaced


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Local legislators, and especially our elected sheriff, should know that many of us support legislation allowing a court to remove guns from a person who has been shown to be a danger to those around him.

Senate Bill 5 would in no way affect your ability to own guns. If you want to keep your guns, it is simple: don’t threaten your wife, neighbor, representative or anybody else with harm. Keep and use your guns responsibly and no one will take you to court to remove them.

As to the sheriff’s claims, they are ludicrous. Does he really think people keep their guns in a climate-controlled environment? Sure, they’re in the house (maybe) so they’re in air conditioning or heated space. So, Sheriff, don’t confiscate guns and then just throw them in your trunk and forget them. Surely you have an evidence room or a closet to put them in, tagged of course, for eventual return.

Penalizing people for using a gun in a crime is fine as far as it goes. SB5 hopes to prevent crime before it happens. A domestic dispute can’t become murder if there is no gun at hand. An argument with your neighbor can’t escalate to murder if your gun is locked in a room at police headquarters because you threatened violence previously.

SB5 is not foolproof. No law is. A vindictive spouse might make accusations and try to have guns removed. That’s why the bill requires a judge to hear the request. Law enforcement officers can’t just decide to take your guns away randomly, so relax.

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I support SB 5. I think it will prevent some of the worst of our domestic violence cases, cases in which a gun takes the lives of entire families, even after a person has requested help from law enforcement because of previous incidents. Roswell has lost enough women and children to this kind of violence. Instead of enacting harsher punishments for a perpetrator, let’s try to prevent these crimes. In addition, I expect law enforcement, including the sheriff’s department, to enforce the law if it is passed.

Flo Wells

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