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Letter: Thoughts are with Lubbock police, fire departments


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This weekend a tragic accident in West Texas claimed the lives of two first responders and severely injured a third. A Lubbock Police Department officer and a Lubbock Fire Department firefighter died in the line of duty. Another firefighter is battling for his life. On behalf of the City of Roswell, I would like to offer our condolences and prayers to Mayor Dan Pope, the Lubbock Fire Department, the Lubbock Police Department and especially to the families impacted.

Roswell, and particularly our first responders, will never forget the kindness and gracious support LFD and LPD provided to our seriously and mortally injured firefighters this last summer. You showed through your actions that the bonds among first responders transcend agencies, departments and states. Thank you.

We understand that these departments and families are grieving right now. We pray that God may comfort the grieving, heal the injured, and strengthen those who, in this time of pain and sorrow, step up and continue to faithfully serve their community.

Dennis Kintigh
Mayor of Roswell
FBI special agent retired

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