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Letter: Another example of ‘our tax dollars at work’


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The city of Roswell is attempting to override the rights of its constituents by rezoning the Avamere building on North Kentucky to a commercial zone in order to turn it into a hotel. Most of the people in this area are elderly and have purchased these homes in good faith in order to live in a nice quiet and safe neighborhood. If this area is rezoned as commercial and used as a hotel, this once peaceful area will have increased car and foot traffic at all hours of the night.

Citizens who were once able to sleep comfortably in their quiet beds will have their bedrooms filled with lights of cars coming and going at all hours of the night. People who could walk the neighborhood in safety will be threatened by increased crime. Constituents who once felt safe leaving their homes will always be anxious about their homes being broken into or worse being mugged or shot outside their homes.

… People will not be able to sell their homes, due to the effects of the zoning change property values will have decreased far below the amount citizens still owe on their homes. No one will be able to obtain loans to buy the properties or to improve their properties as banks will not lend money for residential properties located so close to commercial-zoned property.

The city of Roswell has already shown its disregard for its senior citizens by increasing the price they have to pay for classes at the adult center … and allowing assisted living homes (which are much needed in Roswell) to be shut down with no alternatives left to them but to live on the streets.

Every time I read the newspaper I find a new article about the city of Roswell trying to reduce its overhead by cutting programs, selling programs and buildings to corporations so they will no longer be responsible for them, which also affects the senior citizens.

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In what ways do any of these items say the city of Roswell is doing what is best for the protection and rights of its constituents? Ladies and gentlemen this is our tax dollars at work. We feel the city of Roswell needs to think of what is best for their citizens before they consider what they can put in their pocket.

Greg Smith

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