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Letter: Roswell can ‘be a better city than this’


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In the Jan. 24 edition of the Roswell Daily Record Mayor Kintigh called our December crime statistics “disappointing” and “distressing,” as he well should have. We live in a city ranked near the top 10 in crime, in a state ranked 49th out of 50 in crime, and in a nation ranked 59th out of 129 nations in crime. Roswell has a real issue with crime.

As a state we are still ranked near 50th in education and in poverty. These are issues every resident should find distressing and disappointing

If I am not mistaken for the past 40 years our population has been just under 50,000. Roswell is not growing, and in my opinion we aren’t going to see much growth until the crime and poverty issues are addressed by our city leaders. I honestly can’t see the current leaders addressing these issues until we as residents demand action.

The current public safety complex would be an asset to our city, but it won’t improve the life quality of any resident except city employees.

As a property owner I would like to see our priorities set on issues that will allow our city to grow as well as improve the life quality of our current residents.

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I think we should demand improvements in our crime, poverty and education issues before we even consider a vote on the PSC (public safety complex) facility bond.

Past comments have blamed poor parenting and culture on these issues.

To imply Roswell, and New Mexico, have some (of) the worst parenting skills in the nation is an insult to our parents as well as somewhat racist. We can be a better city than this.

John Grogan

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