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Letter: Whether you’re voting yes or no, you should vote


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Having over the last 13 years attended probably a majority of committee and city council meetings I have developed very strong opinions based on observations facts and findings that I wish to share with you.

It was crystal clear 13 years ago that the city’s infrastructure … its buildings its pipes … its services were in horrible shape and its workforce was unmotivated not because they were all lazy or slackers but because It was obvious to them that the city was broke, their pay was lousy and our city hall leaders were exhausted from trying to apply temporary, flimsy bandaids to gaping wounds that were getting worse every hour of every day. I promise you (it) made for a sleep depriving nightmare after almost every city meeting.

Now it’s 2020 and it’s a bright new decade and we’re being asked to vote yes on a $35 million bond issue for a new public safety complex. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the complex is needed to replace our existing public safety buildings and that the complex will enhance productivity and communications between departments.

I will vote yes because Roswell has been our home for the last 15 years and 95% of its citizens whether they live east-west-south-north are good, honest, friendly hard-working people. For my contemporaries who are old like me and have chosen to vote no because they are still mad as hell that the city didn’t maintain the infrastructure with all their past hard-earned paid property taxes I can understand your anger but I hope you will at least reconsider your stand.

As for you who plan to vote no because you’re convinced that the city doesn’t have the financial resources to pay for bigger and better police and fire departments and the streets, etc., I now sleep very well at night because I know how better managed, better motivated its employees are and how better financed this city has become.

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We will mentally adjust to paying higher property taxes twice a year and hopefully be able to attend not only the groundbreaking but also the ribbon cutting.

Whether you’re a yes or no voter, at least vote. It’s your right so exercise it. Thank you.

Larry Connolly

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