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Letter: ‘Red flag’ laws are not what you think


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On the surface the idea of red flag laws, now called extreme risk protection orders, sound good, but the devil is in the details. The falsehoods start with the new name. Extreme risk protection orders sounds less invasive so the anti-gun legislators, most of whom are bought and paid for by Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, can continue to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting on top of the lies they tell us about red flag.

Most instances where red flag laws have been implemented are not being conducted as legislators would have you believe. Most are not being conducted through a judge. Here’s what is really happening. Someone gets mad at you for some reason and they tell local law enforcement you are a threat or a concern and that you are a gun owner. This is allocation without due process and without any opportunity for you to plead your case, face your accuser, or any other due process leads a law enforcement officer to knock on your door and take your guns away from you.

A violation of your Second, Fourth, an Fourteenth Amendment rights. There has already been at least one death in Maryland serving an unwarranted red flag order.

Later you have an opportunity to be heard if you can afford a lawyer and go through a long process. Maybe in a couple of years you get your guns back, but they are beat up from being thrown around and improperly stored.

In the current legislative session, Sen. Joseph Cervantes, D-Las Cruces, and Rep. (Daymon) Ely D-Corrales and Joy Garratt D-Albuquerque will be introducing red flag legislation.

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All but three of our New Mexico sheriffs said it is a violation of the United States Constitution and the New Mexico Constitution and they will not enforce the law. Many said it is unenforceable anyway.

Our governor wants to take guns then force the citizen to prove they are not at risk.

If a person is such a tremendous threat that you need to take their guns away — but then leaves the person that is supposed to be such a risk on the streets, to continue to do whatever made him a risk in the first place — seems crazy.

This unconstitutional legislation needs to be stopped. Call the governor and tell her New Mexico does not want this happening in our state.

John Thoesen
New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, District 7 director

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