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Letter: Election season brings ‘constant playground squabbling’


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The front page article in the Roswell Daily Record Jan. 28 goes on at length about who supported Donald Trump when. Who cares? It is irrelevant information.

Herrell, Chase and Mathys have so little to say for themselves, policy-wise, that they must focus on who is the most slavishly devoted to a person who requires abject loyalty. It is amusing that the whole kerfuffle starts with an email — I appreciate irony when I see it.

This irrelevant disagreement reflects the chaos, lack of focus on issues and distraction from that lack that we see all the time coming from D.C.

In contrast, also on the front page is an article about Rep. Torres Small attending the county Democrat convention. She talked about her work over this last year to help solve immigration problems, supply more medical practitioners to rural areas and decrease infant and maternal mortality rates.

Do you want constant playground squabbling during election season? Or do you want to know how your congressional representative is (or would be) working for you in D.C.?

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Me, I want our representative in the U.S. House serving the people of southern New Mexico, not the president. Clearly, the Republican candidates care more about Trump than about the people they’re asking to represent.

Flo Wells


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