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Spotlight: Triple the Love

Submitted Photo Pictured here is Elaine Howe who will be explaining the various art projects planned at the Miniatures & Curious Collections Museum as part of the Triple the Love event.

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Second annual free art event to take place at three locations

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art (AMoCA), 409 E. College Blvd., Bone Springs Art Space (BSAS), 212 E. Walnut St., and Miniatures & Curious Collections Museum (MCCM), 320 N. Richardson Ave., invites the public to its second annual Triple The Love event. The hands-on art event is for all ages and free of charge. It takes place on Feb. 9 from 1 to 5 p.m. at all three locations.

Three venues with three organizers, one of them is Miranda Howe (BSAS). “This is Triple the Love, since we’ve got three different locations and it’s focused around Valentine’s Day,” she said. “For several years, the Anderson Museum has done the card-making as a free community activity for Valentine’s Day, and so we thought to just springboard off of that to include Bone Springs Art Space and the Miniatures & Curious Collections Museum so people can make a whole day out of art and culture around Roswell with kid-friendly, family-friendly hands-on activities.”

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Asked about the cost, especially for larger families, Howe said, “It is free, but we all take donations.”

The other organizer is Nancy Fleming (AMoCA). She said that there will be wood and paper crafts at MCCM, which is under guidance of Elaine Howe. Elaine Howe and Nancy Fleming are co-founders of the museum.

“At the Anderson, it’s the same thing,” Fleming said. “We’ll cut paper to put in an envelope and you can decorate and cut with fancy scissors. It might give you an idea while you are here to make things in your classroom that you can make. It’s a great time for them (families, artists and art teachers) to come out and experiment.

“It’s not just for kids,” Miranda Howe said. “We welcome adults to come; there are fewer and fewer opportunities it seems for adults to just have the time and space to sit somewhere and be creative, and use their hands and be improvisational with mark-making. We are providing a structured activity where adults and kids both can participate.

“We’ll have refreshments at each location. Light refreshments, cookies and punch. All three locations have little gift shops, so it’s a nice time for parents to go around, too and peruse the gift shops,” Howe said.

According to Fleming and Howe, the event is for children, starting at kindergarten age, but parents need to accompany their children to help them. There will be only two or three people per location to explain the different art projects.

MCCM has at the moment a doll exhibit up. Howe said, “Coming up in the Miniature Museum, in conjunction with their doll show, I’ll be giving a workshop over there; an alternative for dollmaking. It will be a two-part workshop — ceramic and slip-casting doll parts. Then we’ll paint on them. They (the public) can do tattoo or colored clay on them; they can just use the head to make a planter. It will be a very non-traditional approach to dolls. That will be on Feb. 29 and March 7, two Saturdays.”

“They can come to the Valentine’s Day event and sign up right away, which will be very cool,” Fleming said.

For more information, call 575-623-5600.


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