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Letter: The Red Flag bill versus the ETA law


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I have to agree with a recent op-ed’s description of our State House being conceptually challenged. I happen to believe it is even worse than those kind words. It makes me feel good that other New Mexicans are coming out in droves to defend their Second Amendment rights. It would be great if those same people really understood what this state administration did to us last year with the Energy Transition Act.

Now the State Supreme Count validated this asinine law and the governor said she is going to double down on it. The ETA law requires zero-emission electricity generation in the state by 2045. That is not technically possible with her recommended solution of 100% wind and solar. She seems to forget or doesn’t know that both need about 60%-70% natural gas backup to provide 24-hour electricity availability and that solution will not meet the requirement of the ETA law.

The only way to achieve zero-emission electricity generation is by nuclear. Well, that is not going to happen with this current administration or any like administration in the future. The northwest U.S. is the only region that is going with new nuclear power plants full on. The southwest U.S. has decided to go with wind/NG and solar/NG and only one nuclear power plant after California shutters Diablo Canyon in 2024.

What we need is a clean energy transition strategy instead of a new one. New Mexico has two coal generating stations with four power units that produce over 1.5 gigawatts of electricity every day with established transmission infrastructure to Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. With the latest technology in scrubbers and carbon capture, coal-fired power plants would produce 4.5 times fewer emissions than comparable wind/NG and solar/NG solutions. There is no such thing as zero-emission without 100% nuclear.

There is a proposal on the Governor’s desk to purchase and upgrade San Juan Generating Station (and possibly Escalante Generation Station) by Enchant Energy and the City of Farmington that will save over a thousand jobs and meet the ETA lower emission requirements.

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Martin Kral

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