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Letter: Why shouldn’t everyone have to give up Netflix?


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Roswell voters should vote no on the Mayor’s $35 million dollar bond proposal. He has not given an adequate justification or need for such a large expenditure.

  1. Correcting First Responders’ headquarters building’s requirement for portable heaters and fans to control climate cannot possibly require a $35 million dollar bond.
  2. Is combining the First Responder operations under one roof necessary or wise? Utility outages, congestion, security risk or threat would jeopardize the entire operation. The current availability of technology allows instant communication with personnel of all departments and GPS positions of equipment and personnel.
  3. What specifically is the $35 million to purchase? There is no mention of the location, the size or design of the structure.
  4. Why require only the property owners to carry the entire burden of a $35 million dollar bond that is for the benefit of the entire city? Shouldn’t everyone be advised to give up Netflix/ movies/entertainment and give the money to the government? Isn’t that a little like AOC?
  5. A $35 million dollar bond is too large for this city. This seems like a crazy, crazy approach to a perceived problem.

A.M. Hendrix

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