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Letter: Spending beyond the city’s means


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Roswell’s debt is astronomical! I therefore offer this opinion to the voters. The new proposed command center is an attempt to put the cost on the backs of the property owners because the city has over-spent. As stated, in Roswell Daily Record, Oct. 2 and since, the usual prevarication is this will only cost a small amount and could decrease when the other current bonds are paid.

Then comes the “bait.” We really need it due to the purported increase to 75,000 people.

This administration has spent … in the past few years, $23 million for the rec-center, $7 million on the civic center, $4.6 million on a hanger, and $20 million for water meters, plus $22 million in other bonds and debts.

Just as the attempt to make property owners maintain sidewalks, which failed, this should too.

To recall some of the city’s lack of maintenance: The pool, the old high school, which the city turned down $25,000 for, but rather paid over $400,000 to demolish. The old airport previously remodeled for the police department, was then allowed to rot. The mayor stated the police department will cost between $7 to $10 million to fix and maintain. This building was purchased for $975,000 during Mayor Brainard’s term. Note that most every fire station has been remodeled in the last few years. Fire Station Number 1 one is less than two blocks from the police station.

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Many of us have seen the city’s disregard of its property and continual failure to maintain what we have. Just look at our streets, most are little better than dirt. Water lines break continuously, sewers back up into homes. We have larger, more dire needs right now.

The mayor really has no idea of the cost here. He is basing the cost on Artesia’s center with less than half the police and firemen. The next guess is where? Exactly where it was in the sixties? He and his pundits ask us to give him a blank check. …

If during the next millennium we get to 75,000 people, then build it, or pay off the extreme debt load, then think about it. Maintain what we have, stop deferred maintenance.

Kevin Roe

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